Transitioning to Online Computer Science Learning

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During this transitional period to online learning, Popfizz Computer Science will offer educators free CS courses for their students. We have also launched a new webinar series to help prepare students and teacher for the upcoming AP CS Exams in May. Below are a few ways we want to help you transition your CS teaching and learning experiences online with ease.

Get Full Access to Online Courses:

  • Available until July 1, 2020, full access to our online courses can be requested by completing this form –> Form no longer available as of 7/10/20

Free Webinar Series

The following three webinars are hands-on problem-solving sessions that dive right into the core of some of the most challenging AP CS concepts. We’ll examine recursion, inheritance and polymorphism, and base conversations, while providing teaching tips that you can use in your classroom the very next day. Make sure to have a pen and paper ready as we tackle these challenges together! Students are invited to attend. Seats are limited.

  • Tackling AP CSA Recursion: Tuesday, 3/24, 4:00 PM EST. Recursion is one of the most challenging topics for both students and teachers. In this webinar, we’ll learn to trace recursion code by going through 5 exemplary recursion questions. REGISTER.
  • Tackling AP CSA Inheritance and PolymorphismTuesday, 3/31, 4:00 PM EST. Inheritance and polymorphism are at the core of object-oriented programming. However, understanding and using this concept is not easy as it requires abstract thinking at a higher level. In this webinar, we’ll explore how this concept can be visualized and solve AP CS exam-style questions. REGISTER.
  • AP CS Principles — Tackling Base Conversions: (canceled due to changes in this year’s Exam format — no multiple-choice questions.)

​Self-Study Courses:

If you are a parent/guardian of a student who needs help, check out our self-study courses. Great for beginner or advanced users:

Watch our videos:

Educators and Parents, thank you for all that you do for the great minds of our future. We wish everyone continued good health.

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