Computational Thinking + Free Student Vocab List

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Computational thinking is the process of breaking down challenging questions and problems into easy to understand parts. It helps us create solutions by solving in smaller pieces. The process of computational thinking is separated into 4 components.

What is the big problem students are trying to solve, and how many components does this problem have? Decomposition means breaking down complex problems and working on one component at a time. 

Pattern Recognition
Patter recognition is key to solve difficult problems through analyzing data and looking for similarities. What similarities do you see within the big problem and it’s components? Use your analysis to determine a solution.

What information is relevant to solving the problem? With abstraction, students will begin to ignore what’s unimportant and solely focus on what is important. This allows the big problem to be easily understood and solved.

Algorithm Design
It’s important to communicate how this bigger problem is solved. Create step-by-step instructions or a set of rules to follow when solving the big problem.


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