Popfizz Intro to CS with Python Curriculum

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What differentiates Popfizz Intro to CS with Python Curriculum? Take a look at this 90 second video!

  • Online IDE runs on any device
  • Emphasis on Computational Thinking
  • Project Based Learning approach
  • Step-by-step video instructions
  • Teacher Materials – Lesson Plans, Slides, Solution Guides


Does Popfizz work on Chromebooks?

→ Yes, Popfizz is lightweight and runs on any device with an internet connection and a modern browser (even on your phone!).

Can students go through the tasks on their own?

→ Yes. Students are able to see hints and explanations for each task for additional help. However, teacher guidance is recommended. A thorough solution guide is provided for giving students actionable feedback.

Do you provide a code editor for visual projects?

→ Yes, Popfizz provides an advanced editor for creating visual projects and supports external libraries such as turtle and pygame.

Do you have a stand-alone code editor (IDE)?

→ Yes, We provide unlimited free access to Project Workspace which lets you create code projects that you can update and share. Learn more about the Project Workspace here.

Can I get trial access?

→ Yes, sign up at popfizz.io. Then add AP CS A to your dashboard.

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