Connect to your Raspberry Pi from a Laptop

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VNC Viewer

Use a VNC Viewer to connect to your Raspberry Pi from a laptop.

You want to measure soil moisture or automatically turn on the porch light when it gets dark using your Pi. Will you need to have your HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected at all times to your Pi to be able to control it? No! Connect to your Pi remotely using your laptop.
Follow these steps to set up your remote connection. Note that you do need your monitor, keyboard, and a mouse for the initial set up.

<Part-1: From your Pi – Settings and IP address>

1. Enable settings from your Pi. Click on the Raspberry Pi icon > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces. Enable SSH and VNC.

2. Click the top right VNC icon and write down the IP address. 

<Part-2: From your laptop>

3. Download the VNC Viewer from here

4. Run VNC Viewer. Make a new connection by entering the IP address from step-2. 

5. Enter the username and password to connect. By default, the username is ‘pi’, and the password is ‘raspberry’. Make sure to update this information. 


Once you remove the monitor from the Pi, the VNC Viewer may not work. In this case, do the following.

  1. Connect your Pi to the monitor, keyboard and the mouse.
  2. Open the Terminal.
  3. Type ‘sudo raspi-config’.
  4. Then go to 2. Display Options > D1. Resolution
  5. Select the highest resolution. OK and Reboot.
  6. Disconnect your monitor and open the VNC Viewer from your laptop. Connect to your Pi. 

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