Roblox Coding for Teachers

23 sec read

Are you looking for fun activities to try out with your students? Try coding using the Roblox Studio.

Here’s a quick intro video to help you get started. Make sure to download the Roblox Studio and let’s begin!

Video Overview:

  • Roblox Studio Overview
  • Terrain Editor
  • Saving and Publishing
  • Sharing your Game
  • Working with Parts
  • Scripting Project -1: Changing colors – while loop
  • Scripting Project -2: Adding Effects – for loop
  • Scripting Project -3: Lights – Conditionals
  • Scripting Project -4: Transparency – Functions
  • Scripting Project -5: Changing colors – Arrays
  • Scripting Project -6: Interaction – Events

Requirement: Roblox Studio

Get the free Roblox AP CS Principles Performance Task curriculum here.

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