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Infographic: Exploring Careers in Computer Science

In addition to our CS Ed Week webinar series, we’re encouraging students to explore career possibilities in Computer Science. While there are so many...
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CS ED Week: Popfizz Computer Science Hour of Code Webinars

We’re excited for Computer Science Education Week starting December 7, 2020! Popfizz Computer Science is committed to fostering an inclusive computing culture for all...
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Popfizz is a 2020 CSforALL commitment maker!

When the mass spread of COVID-19 began, we knew it was going to be one of the most serious threats in decades, and our...
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Join us at the CS4CT Virtual Conference!

Excited for the CS4CT Virtual Conference this Friday? We’re lookingforward to seeing old friends and making new ones! Here are some ways to connect...
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Computational Thinking + Free Student Vocab List

Computational thinking is the process of breaking down challenging questions and problems into easy to understand parts. It helps us create solutions by solving...
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Student Infographic: Routines for the Remote Classroom for Students

Share this infographic of remote classroom routines with your students! 
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West Virginia: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/10!

Join daily webinars aligned to West Virginia CS Standards. This virtual 5-day PD opportunity explores West Virginia CS standards and includes hands-on training. Join us...
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Kentucky: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/3!

Join daily webinars aligned to Kentucky CS Standards. The Intro to Computer Science Professional Development Program is designed to help Kentucky educators prepare for...
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GACE-CS Preparation Course for Georgia Educators

The GACE-CS Preparation course is designed to help educators successfully prepare for the GACE-CS Exam. This course includes step-by-step tutorials, coding assignments, and hundreds...
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Win a Raspberry Pi Kit at our 2020 Virtual CSTA Booth!

Ready for the 2020 Virtual CSTA Conference next week? We’re excited to connect with our CS friends and meet new ones!  Visit our virtual booth to...
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