Teaching and Learning

The Hour of Code Activities Guide

“An Hour of Real Computer Science in Action”Try out the Hour of Code activities to explore the various computer science concepts in action. The...
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Cybersecurity Careers

What cybersecurity jobs are you familiar with? The cybersecurity field presents diverse career opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number...
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Hands-on Workshop with Roblox Education

Roblox “Make it Pop” Game Development Session with Roblox Education October 14th Hands-on Workshop with Roblox Education  Invite your class. Join us with your...
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Roblox Course is Up!

Build your Roblox Game and Submit it to Win Roblox Prizes 🏆 The course is here🎉 – It’s free! Enroll your students and start developing your...
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Introducing Popfizz AP CS Principles Curriculum

What differentiates Popfizz AP CS Principles Curriculum? Take a look at the 90-second video. Endorsed by the College Board Aligns 100% with the CED...
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Game Development with Roblox Launching October 1st!

Want to create your own Roblox game? Don’t just play. Create your own Roblox game. Become a Roblox game designer. Create your own 3D...
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Data Representations – Binaries and Decimals

Data Representations - Binaries and Decimals In digital systems like computers, data is represented by symbols called digits. We are used to counting digits...
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Connect to your Raspberry Pi from a Laptop

Use a VNC Viewer to connect to your Raspberry Pi from a laptop. You want to measure soil moisture or automatically turn on the...
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Free Programming Crash Course for Teachers

It’s been a long Summer! Do you need a refresher? A quick jump-starter for the semester? Popfizz will run Programming Crash Course 1-hr webinar...
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New! Intro to CS with JavaScript

The Intro to Computer Science with Javascript course introduces students to a range of computer science topics. Students explore the world of the web,...
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