Popfizz Events and Updates

Create and Manage your Content

Create and manage your own course materials, quizzes, and coding projects. Assign them to your students and track their progress. See how it works:...
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Summer of Raspberry Pi Exploration

These tutorial videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to create dozens of fun Raspberry Pi projects. Learn how to program your Raspberry Pi circuit...
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Popfizz 2-Week Trial

Sign up for the “Free 2-Week Trial” today and experience why so many teachers and students find Popfizz helpful. We’ll send you details on...
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Python Turtle Graphics

It’s common now to learn the basics of programming by moving graphical objects on the screen to achieve a goal. Move forward 10 times,...
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Cybersecurity Course Pilot Access

Cybersecurity course is launching soon! Get early access to the course for free by filling out this form. How many notifications do you get...
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CS ED Week: Popfizz Computer Science Hour of Code…

We’re excited for Computer Science Education Week starting December 7, 2020! Popfizz Computer Science is committed to fostering an inclusive computing culture for all...
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Popfizz is a 2020 CSforALL commitment maker!

When the mass spread of COVID-19 began, we knew it was going to be one of the most serious threats in decades, and our...
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Join us at the CS4CT Virtual Conference!

Excited for the CS4CT Virtual Conference this Friday? We’re lookingforward to seeing old friends and making new ones! Here are some ways to connect...
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West Virginia: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/10!

Join daily webinars aligned to West Virginia CS Standards. This virtual 5-day PD opportunity explores West Virginia CS standards and includes hands-on training. Join us...
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Kentucky: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/3!

Join daily webinars aligned to Kentucky CS Standards. The Intro to Computer Science Professional Development Program is designed to help Kentucky educators prepare for...
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