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Free Mini CS Workshops for Educators

Popfizz Summer PD is here! Enroll in these mini 45-minute workshops on various computer science topics. Intro to CS with Python 6/1/2021 3 PM...
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From schools to critical infrastructures, ransomware attacks have become increasingly prevalent. With our world becoming more connected, we are also becoming vulnerable to these...
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Introducing Computational Thinking

Here are some questions about computer science (CS) education that we hear from concerned parents. “My child doesn’t want to become a programmer. Is...
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A Guide to Reviving the AP CSA Elevens Lab

Popfizz added a modified version of AP CSA Elevens Lab to the course. Why did we bring back the old lab? It’s a culminating...
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Python Turtle Graphics

It’s common now to learn the basics of programming by moving graphical objects on the screen to achieve a goal. Move forward 10 times,...
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5-Day Virtual Coding Bootcamp for Teachers

Popfizz 5-Day Coding Bootcamp occurs twice each month and prepares educators to teach the foundational skills of coding and computer science. If you are up...
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Resources for FTCE Computer Science K-12 Prep

Designed specifically for Florida teachers, Popfizz Computer Science worked directly with the Florida Department of Education to develop an online Florida Teacher Certification Exam...
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CS Teacher Groups x Popfizz = Engagement Boost!

There are many ways we can support your cause and engage your audience. Here are some examples of how we may contribute: Sponsorships PD...
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Popfizz + Microsoft TEALS Program

Popfizz Computer Science and Technology Education and Literacy in Schools (TEALS) program recently announced their partnership, bringing a complementary curriculum pilot to 20 schools and supporting welcoming learning...
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Cybersecurity Course Pilot Access

Cybersecurity course is launching soon! Get early access to the course for free by filling out this form. How many notifications do you get...
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