Online PD

Roblox Coding for Teachers

Are you looking for fun activities to try out with your students? Try coding using the Roblox Studio. Here’s a quick intro video to...
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CS ED Week: Popfizz Computer Science Hour of Code…

We’re excited for Computer Science Education Week starting December 7, 2020! Popfizz Computer Science is committed to fostering an inclusive computing culture for all...
1 min read

West Virginia: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/10!

Join daily webinars aligned to West Virginia CS Standards. This virtual 5-day PD opportunity explores West Virginia CS standards and includes hands-on training. Join us...
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Kentucky: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/3!

Join daily webinars aligned to Kentucky CS Standards. The Intro to Computer Science Professional Development Program is designed to help Kentucky educators prepare for...
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GACE-CS Preparation Course for Georgia Educators

The GACE-CS Preparation course is designed to help educators successfully prepare for the GACE-CS Exam. This course includes step-by-step tutorials, coding assignments, and hundreds...
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Selecting Online PD Courses for Computer Science

When thinking about professional development this Summer and upcoming Fall, it’s now important to consider online opportunities that offer similar support as in-person professional...
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