Remote Teaching

Computational Thinking + Free Student Vocab List

Computational thinking is the process of breaking down challenging questions and problems into easy to understand parts. It helps us create solutions by solving...
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Student Infographic: Routines for the Remote Classroom for Students

Share this infographic of remote classroom routines with your students! 
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West Virginia: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/10!

Join daily webinars aligned to West Virginia CS Standards. This virtual 5-day PD opportunity explores West Virginia CS standards and includes hands-on training. Join us...
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Kentucky: Free 5-Day Coding Bootcamp Starts 8/3!

Join daily webinars aligned to Kentucky CS Standards. The Intro to Computer Science Professional Development Program is designed to help Kentucky educators prepare for...
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Selecting Online PD Courses for Computer Science

When thinking about professional development this Summer and upcoming Fall, it’s now important to consider online opportunities that offer similar support as in-person professional...
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How to Motivate your Child During Online Learning

With school closures across the country, students are having to stay motivated during this remote learning environment. Here are some tips to keep learning...
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Why Teach Coding?

Preparing students with 21st-century skills is essential to our ever-changing world. Here’s an infographic on why we should teach coding! 
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An Educators Guide to what the CARES Act Means…

The mass spread of COVID-19 took many of us by surprise. It has changed our norms and affected the economy, and each of us...
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