Popfizz CS Launches Roblox-based AP Computer Science Curriculum

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Roblox AP CS Principles

We’ve launched a Roblox-based AP Computer Science Principles curriculum as part of the Roblox Community Fund. Have your students develop Roblox projects that meet the AP Computer Science Principles Performance Task requirements. The syllabus has been approved by the College Board.

See what the curriculum consists of from the ‘Teaching AP CS Principles with Roblox’ webinar video.

Sample Video

Trying out the Curriculum

There are two versions of the curriculum that you can use. Create an account on Popfizz.io. Then from the Dashboard, add the course that meets your needs.

AP CSP Performance Task in Roblox (30-40 hr mini-course) – This Performance Task focused course can be used with any AP CSP curriculum.

AP Computer Science Principles in Roblox (yearlong) – This yearlong curriculum is created to meet all LO/EK requirements of the AP CSP curriculum. The Roblox section is completely free and available.

The Interns

We also would like to give thanks to the two wonderful Summer interns who helped create this course.

“In Roblox, I like to make games that take influence from real life that may seem simple, and I like to add my own twists to the games to make them unique. From the curriculum, I would want other students to take away how built-in functions work and how to use them effectively in code to achieve the desired result.”

Kamal Deep Vasireddy, NC, 
The Creativity Award Winner of the 2021 Roblox Game Development Competition

“I enjoy building things on Roblox because it not only teaches me how to code but also allows me to be creative and express my ideas through it. I think that other students would be positively impacted by taking this course because it teaches them computer science skills, and it’s not stressful like other courses.”

Cadence Villa, NV
The First Place Winner of the 2021 Roblox Game Development Competition

We welcome your feedback on the curriculum. Please share them with us via email at hello@popfizz.io.


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