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custom content creator

Create and manage your own course materials, quizzes, and coding projects. Assign them to your students and track their progress. See how it works:

What types of content can I create?

<Create Activity Pop-up>
  • Questions – Multiple Choice, Checkbox, short answer, drag and drop, and essay (open-ended)
  • Projects
    • Python Console – Text outputs
    • Python Turtle – Python Turtle Graphics
    • Python Sandbox (GUI) – Visual projects
    • Pygame Sandbox (GUI) – Pygame is installed
    • Java Console – Text outputs
    • Java Sandbox (GUI) – Visual projects such as AP CSA Labs
    • HTML/CSS/JS – Webpage development
  • Lesson – Article (videos, texts, images)

There’s no limit on how many you can create. Simply create your content and add it to the course. You can see some of the examples here.

*If you need bulk uploads, contact to make the request.

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